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I am a people person, a multidisciplinary designer, a project manager, an organized multi-tasker, a quick study by nature and I thrive in dynamic adaptive and scalable environments. I am a persuasive leader, a creative collaborator, team builder, strategic planner, and self-starter. I meet deadlines, reach and exceed goals, create and enforce budgets, and bring projects in on time while remaining flexible to interior and exterior business climate change.

Empowerment, interrogation, and empathy inform my process and m i n i m a l design aesthetic. Less is most definitely more. As we spend more than 80% of our lives inside, design is a powerful tool to reframe our interior experience, redefine space through light, add warmth where cold, endow texture where barren, bring life where there is darkness, fill the void with joyfulness and enhance our humanity. I am driven by my curiosities in human behavior, the rituals of daily experience, and how light affects our health and wellbeing. I am intrigued by how to design an environment that makes people feel better, work better, and live better. I want to delve deeper into creating design that encourages human interaction, connectivity, and the magic that is the kinetic resonance of light.

In 2007, I facilitated the start-up of Architecture Design Office, ado, where I was a designer, office and project manager, graphic designer, photographer, and custom fab shop worker. I gained experience directed brand strategies, marketing materials, social media management, interior graphics, and custom fabricated interiors in a single project for example in the project reStore RVA.

Continuing my experience directing complete brand identity and environmental design as a single entity from inception to completion, I joined Fountainhead Properties in 2010 as creative director. I strategically positioned Fountainhead Properties through social media management, marketing, and branding. My position grew into that of a project manager in charge of design and subcontractors, as well as facility operations such as permit acquisition and leasing.

After traveling to Burning Man arts festival in 2011, I relocated to San Francisco to be apart of this vibrant art and self-expression community. Here I have found a community in which creativity is sought and appreciated, where expression and meaning are not just applied but embedded into the fabric of the whole experiential environment.

To engage in this milieu, I created SPARKcol, a creative collaboration among many disciplines with my partner Andrew Sparks. Our firm brought together interior, graphic, lighting, landscape, architectural and furniture designers to create a diverse portfolio with scales of interest ranging from civic planning to where your fork rests.

To pursue a particular direction of mine, I joined Illuminosa and began practicing as a lighting designer. I learned how to design with light, use multiple lighting calculation programs, perform California Title24 calculations, and build relationships with all the local rep agencies and the lighting community as a whole.

I decided to further my experience and knowledge by applying to graduate school in Germany at Hochschule Wismar in Architectural Lighting Design. I spent about 2.5 years on this adventure on a quest of self-discovery and to hone my expertise. I believe that lighting design & other disciplines must be integral and thought of as one. Here is where the magic happens. I wish to continue creating relationships, fixtures, environments, and learning the effects design can have on the human body while utilizing a more human-centric approach to light and material.

I returned home to Richmond Virginia in February 2020 and rejoined ADO as a Project Manager. I am happy to be closer to my family and to start collaborating in Richmond again. I am intent on continuing to integrate art, science, and the business side of design in my work.

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